Kefalonia Island

Discover Kefalonia island

Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian islands and lies to the west of mainland Greece ,between Zante ( Zakynthos ) and Lefkas. Argostoli ,the capital of the island ,is a well provisioned shopping center, and there are two other sizable towns , Lixouri and Sami and many small ports and villages.

It is accessible by air directly from many European airports and by domestic flight from Athens and eventually some other  destinations to Argostoli. By sea Kefalonia is accessible by car ferries from the town of Patras in western Peloponese to Sami or from the town of Killini in western Peloponese to Poros or Argostoli. In the summer time there is a car ferry from the northern part of the island of Zakynthos to the small port of Pesada. Also there are ferries connecting the port of Sami with the island of Ithaki and the port of Astakos on the mainland. The port of Fiskardo in the north is accessible from both the islands of Ithaki and Lefkas . Finally Sami is connected eventually with the italian port of Brindisi.

The island offers spectacular scenery ,fine beaches, many unusual natural features, and much that is of cultural and historic interest : enormous caverns, stalactites and stalagmites, the ruins of venetian forts atop hills or peninsulas commanding views of a magnificence such as to feature in national tourism posters, a museum of local history, several monasteries including that of the patron saint Gerasimos, paleolithic remains and medieval relics and an ideal combination of disco type night life and the ability to get right away from it to the real , rural island , where the silence is punctuated only by the sounds of goat- bells. Finally, the main mountain called Enos, located in the center of the island , is 1626 meters high and known for the variety of its fir trees.